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    7V7 Workshop
    Number Date Event location County Registration by Status
    Edit 20-Z-00018 26/01/2020 Tullamore Town Football Club County Offaly 26/01/2020 still 3 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00083 04/02/2020 Cahir Park AFC Grounds County Tipperary 04/02/2020 still 20 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00041 23/02/2020 Rockbrook School, Rathfarnham County Dublin 23/02/2020 still 2 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00248 13/03/2020 Iontas Centre County Monaghan 13/03/2020 still 24 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00034 25/04/2020 Carew Park FC Grounds - Limerick County Limerick 25/04/2020 still 20 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00050 26/04/2020 Evergreen F.C. County Kilkenny 26/04/2020 still 24 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00082 19/05/2020 Portmarnock AFC County Dublin 19/05/2020 still 23 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00236 10/07/2020 Bunclody AFC - Wexford County Wexford 10/07/2020 still 24 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00091 11/07/2020 St Brendans Park FC County Kerry 11/07/2020 still 24 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00139 07/08/2020 Brideview United AFC - Waterford County Waterford 07/08/2020 still 24 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00140 08/08/2020 Waterford RSC County Waterford 08/08/2020 still 24 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00202 22/08/2020 Arklow United FC Grounds - Wicklow County Wicklow 22/08/2020 still 24 spaces available
    Edit 20-Z-00051 20/09/2020 Derdimus Park - Kilkenny County Kilkenny 20/09/2020 still 24 spaces available
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