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ECAL 010
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    UEFA Elite Youth A Licence
    Event organizer Football Association of Ireland
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    Date 09/03/2021 09:00
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    Actual dates 9th-11th March, 25th-27th May, 10th -12th August, 14th -16th September, + club visit tbc
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    Requirements 1) UEFA ‘A’ Licence & CPD Course Students will be coaches who hold a valid UEFA ‘A’ Licence who have attained a minimum of 15 hours UEFA Continuous Professional Development in the last 3 years. 2) Current Coaching Experience At a minimum level, course students must be actively coaching a team of Elite Youth* or senior players. Applications will be considered from those not coaching at these levels provided a letter is submitted from the club/ team willing to provide an internship for the duration of the course *For the purposes of applications for the UEFA Elite ‘A’ Youth Licence course, a coach working with “Elite Youth” players is deemed as being those currently working at either of the following levels: • minimum of U17 National League Team • U14 Regional Emerging Talent Programme squad 3) Email Address and use of laptop/tablet All course correspondence will be done via email, so all course students must have access to an active, personal email address that they check regularly. Course candidates should also have access to the use of a laptop/tablet that they can bring to course dates for use in certain tasks and match analysis assignments. 4) Child Welfare Workshop Attendance Every course applicant must provide evidence of attendance at a Child Welfare Workshop. The Child Welfare course is accredited by the Irish Sports Council (ISC) and dates, times and locations of up-coming courses can be accessed here https://payments.fai.ie/child-welfare.html Equivalent courses (delivered in other countries) may also be accepted; please check with craig.sexton@fai.ie prior to submission. 5) Garda Vetting Every course applicant must provide Garda vetting clearance. Details available to download from http://www.fai.ie/domestic/safeguarding/garda-vetting.
    Contents DURATION / FORMAT 130 course contact hours consisting of: • Practical & Theory • UEFA Elite “A” Youth Licence Contact Workshops • UEFA Elite “A” Youth Licence Online Workshops • Course Tasks • Individual and micro-group learning Further time (up to 100 hours) should be committed by the course participant for the completion of: • Club Visits • Overseas Club Visit • Compilation youth development plan • Assignments and Tasks. Block One 9th-11th March. Block Two 25th-27th May. Block Three 10th -12th August. Block Four 14th -16th September. Club Visit Sept-Dec.
    Goals The course is designed to assist coaches in having a clear understanding of how to develop and coach future professional players transitioning from elite to professional football during their period from adolescence to adulthood, and must demonstrate competence in the following four areas: • Development coach • Player and team • Training environment • Matches Coaches will develop through a “reality based” coaching model throughout, will develop all skills in an informal and formal manner and coaches will be give the opportunity to be competent in the below specific areas: • Design and deliver training sessions to elite youth (u16-u19) players • Coach elite youth(u16-u19) players during matches • Manage the development of elite youth (u16-u19) players • Design, develop and monitor elite youth (u16-u19) players strategic year plan • Deal with external factors • Work on personal /self development • Show respect/personal values The student will be capable, together with academy staff, to coach a team during games based on pre-planned objectives to help enhance the development of the team/players while working within their player development plan from U16s to U19s.
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    Note HOW TO APPLY: An application fee of € 40.00 applies to all submissions, this fee is non refundable. Application fees should be processed here by clicking on the register button on the bottom right of this page. Applicants will then receive a confirmation email, an application link will be included in the email and this should be completed online through the link provided in the confirmation email. APPLICATION PROCESS: All applications received by the closing date of (11am) on Monday, 25th January 2021. No late applications will be accepted will be considered. A shortlisting process will take place after the closing date to ensure the best possible applicants are accepted onto the course. As part of the application process, applicant may be required to complete an interview stage of the process. Please note that competition for places is normally extremely high. Therefore, please follow the guidance notes on the application form to ensure that your application dossier is fully complete, thus giving yourself the best chance of entry. PLEASE NOTE: Interview process may take place depending on application process, this will be communicated by email if this is required.
    Event location Dublin, Exact location TBC, null Dublin
    Contact person Craig Sexton, Email: craig.sexton@fai.ie
    Costs: a total of 40.00 Euro
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