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ECAL 010
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    Referee Beginner Course - (Cork Only)
    Event organizer Football Association of Ireland
    Event number 21-Z-01066
    Date 16/10/2021 10:00
    End of last day 16/10/2021 16:00
    Registration by 11/10/2021
    Booking status still 6 spaces available
    Contents The course is made up of three sections Part A - This section of the course allows you to explore Laws 1-4, Laws 7-10 and Laws 13 -17 in your own time. On registration you will recive a link to the content for each Law, navigate through the material and complete the assessment questions that follow before moving onto the next Law. The pass mark for each assessment is 50% and you will be required to attempt the questions again if you do not meet that requirement. Part B - Will consist of 6 hours of practical workshops. These meetings will focus on the Laws 5, 6, 11 & 12, which are the more complex Laws. The meetings will also be used to explore the practical aspects of refereeing. Please note that you cannot attend the practical without having completed all the assessments from Part A of the course. Part C - After the practical you will receive a link to complete the final course assessment. This is an open book exam, and you will have 72 hours to submit your answers.
    Goals To complete the beginners referee course and become a qualified FAI match official
    Target group Male and Female 16+years
    Note Once you register you will recieve a confirmation email from FAInet with a link to access the online Laws of the Game material. The assesments for each Law must be completed by Wednesday 13th October. This will be followed by an email from the FAI Referee Department with further details of the course venue. The practical will take place from 10am - 4pm on Saturday 16th October in Cork.
    Method The course will consist of approximately 9 hours of distance learning and 6 hours of workshops delivered face to face
    Event location Cork, Cork venue to be confirmed., 000 0000 Cork
    Contact person Robert Hennessy, Email: robert.hennessy@fai.ie
    Costs: a total of 50.00 Euro
    Price for course